Fresh Look: PRAPARE Team Launches New Website


The National PRAPARE Partnership Team at the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organization (AAPCHO) are excited to launch our new standalone website to bring to you information, updates, and resources on PRAPARE in a dynamic and user-friendly format. Our goal is to use the website as a mechanism to highlight the incredible efforts of PRAPARE users at community health centers, health networks, social service agencies, and public health departments.

Take a moment to check out the new website and become familiar with the PRAPARE resources we are currently offering. Take this time to learn about PRAPARE, what it measures, and its applicability across individual, organizational, and systems level. You will learn about the mission and vision of PRAPARE as well as key milestones since our journey started in 2013. The new website also includes a section that has relevant tools and resources (such as publications, webinars, and podcasts) to support you and your team in using PRAPARE. Lastly but most important, the website will encourage engagement with the PRAPARE team and users by sharing the latest updates from the field, in forms of blogs, case studies and upcoming events. Make sure to submit your PRAPARE use experience as well!

These are some initial ways to engage with us and each other on the new website, and we’re just getting started! Our hope is to expand the website features to become an interactive engagement platform with PRAPARE users that fosters peer learning and exchange of new ideas.  Whether you are new to PRAPARE or have been using the PRAPARE screening tool, we hope you find the new PRAPARE website useful to assess and address social needs of your patients.

The National PRAPARE Partnership Team looks forward to engaging with you and learning about how we can best support your efforts!


By: Yuriko de la Cruz

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