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Guide to Person-Centered Communication

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The Guide to Person-Centered Communication is designed to aid in establishing relationships based on mutual respect, recognition, and appreciation of the rich differences in our society. As we seek to advance health equity, we must be mindful of the critical role inclusive language plays in our efforts. The Guide is meant to be a resource for each of us regardless of where we are on the journey.   The Guide to Person-Centered Communication was developed by NACHC in partnership with the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO) and was refined by the input of numerous community health professionals. The Guide is presented as a living document, fully acknowledging that norms and preferences are evolving.  We ask that you view the Guide as a work in progress rather than doctrine or policy. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed and will help inform future additions of the Guide.  Kindly email your comments to prapare@nachc.org.

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