Meet the National PRAPARE Team!


Since 2013, members of the National PRAPARE Team at the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO) have worked collaboratively to support the spread and use of PRAPARE and to help build data-driven capacity among health centers, community-based organizations, and others to improve health equity by addressing the social drivers of health (SDOH).  We promote and cultivate the use of PRAPARE with health centers and their partners and we work to share these experiences and best practices across the health care system in order to build systemic capacity for improving health equity. The National PRAPARE Team has also expanded efforts to include social interventions coding, supporting health centers with cross-sector partnerships, promoting population health models of care, and advancing upstream efforts to address policies and systems that create health disparities.

The joint partnership between NACHC and AAPCHO includes a shared vision and structure that leverages each other’s assets and expertise. Each team member brings their unique gifts, experiences, and perspectives  which allows the National PRAPARE Team to  work in a cohesive manner to address health disparities across the country. 


  • Rosy Chang Weir (Director of Research) serves as the lead for PRAPARE-related research and evaluation, and most recently led the development of the PRAPARE Social Interventions Data Collection Protocol and national stakeholder-vetted PRAPARE risk stratification model that incorporates social data. 
  • Joe Lee (Director of Strategic Initiatives) supports program oversight and sustainability of PRAPARE-related deliverables, as well as social drivers of health and enabling services advocacy.
  •  Albert Ayson, Jr. (Associate Director of Training and Technical Assistance) is the co-lead on PRAPARE-related training and technical assistance offerings, and brings his passion on systems and design thinking to create innovative models of virtual training. 
  • Julia Liu (Research Assistant) lends her expertise in project management and data collection, and oversees PRAPARE-related efforts on data analysis and evaluation. 

From NACHC: 

  •  Nalani Tarrant (Deputy Director, Social Drivers of Health) serves as the lead on PRAPARE oversight and day-to-day management, including reporting, sustainability, and developing license agreements with vendors and external partners. 
  • Ben Money (Senior Vice President, Public Health Priorities) is the senior executive lead for the PRAPARE social drivers of health program at NACHC, and is passionate on integrating environmental health to PRAPARE and advancing value-based payment models using SDOH data, specifically PRAPARE. 
  • Yuriko de la Cruz (Program Manager, Social Drivers of Health) is the co-lead on training and technical assistance efforts with PRAPARE, and brings her community engagement and change management experience to develop training programs. 
  • Sarah Halpin (Program Specialist, Social Drivers of Health) oversees marketing strategies related to PRAPARE, elevating health equity innovations, and supporting training and technical assistance efforts for PRAPARE. 
  • Jason Patnosh (Associate Vice President, Partnership and Resource Development) lends his expertise in partnership and fund development to enhance the spread and sustainability of PRAPARE, particularly with foundations and innovators. 

We encourage you to take a moment to “meet the team” and read the full  bios of the current team members! 

The National PRAPARE Team looks forward to hearing from you and your organization on your incredible efforts to address social needs in your communities as well as feedback and ideas on how we can best support you. 

By: Yuriko de la Cruz

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